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essay writersI Got it Covered
This has been a nice summer for “coverage” for me. I’m pleased to see a couple of my images being used as covers on a couple of different publications. First off, in May a photo of mine was used to grace the cover of Robb Report. The Robb Report is an American, English-language, luxury-lifestyle magazine featuring products — including automobiles, aviation, boating, real estate and watches — for affluent consumers. Obviously a must-read for everyone .

Seriously though, this is a very cool magazine to browse through and they have a high standard of photography in the magazine. So, it was a nice surprise to see one of my favourite images from Florida being used on the front of this prestigious magazine. This is an old photo from when I first started to shoot travel imagery and they found it thanks to my Photoshelter website. Photoshelter allows photographers to have incredibly good SEO on their sites and individual images which help a great deal when you want your photography to rank well in Google searches. If you’re looking to license your own photography, I’d highly recommend looking at Photoshelter as a way to develop a portfolio site and stock photo archive. They also have some of the friendliest customer service people in the industry and a great help section.

One last thing about Photoshelter is that they have a list of certified experts that they can refer you to if you want the best help in building your site. I personally used Foreground Web to help me with my portfolio site and Alex did a great job!
Next step for me is to actually update my site with all the newest images I’ve shot in the last couple of years and rebuild my image archive. Looks like I’m in for a busy November and December of image editing and website building once I get back from my photography tours that I’m leading in Tanzania and Jordan in September and October.
I’m also heading out to hit the trail for a week of nature and landscape photography this week. I always feel better when I’m out in nature and away from my computer. It sure is nice to disconnect for a brief time and breathe clean air and contemplate all the good things in life. It seems like all the old troubles that haunt me melt away when I’m in a beautiful natural location. I’ll also be bringing a Fujifilm GFX with me to capture the locations I visit in all their splendour and I’m almost looking forward to being back home to edit those images… almost.